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Insurgo Insurgo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My new favorite game on Newgrounds

For some reason, my game ended when I got to the top. I had an extremely strong structure and feel that I could've gone on for a long time. If you make a sequel, please allow us to go infinitely far vertically and horizontally, and also allow us to use a way to scroll faster. Instead of stressing speed, how about stressing simplicity? For example, you could give pylons weight and make the player find a way to build the tallest structure that doesn't collapse under its own weight. That way people can't just build a giant ball of pylons. Again, this is definitely one of the most addicting games on Newgrounds and I really can't wait for the sequel.

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VoidSkipper responds:

That shouldn't have happened. I'm rewriting the engine for the sequel, so this bug will be stamped out naturally.

Yeah, efficiency based scoring may be possible. Balls of pylons are cool, though ):

Purgatorium Purgatorium

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not again...

I hate the Exmortis games, I hate this one just as much. Now I'm going to go die from a heart attack (just like with the other two). Keep up the good work ;)